You Want me to do What? – Part 2 of 2

God Knows Your Heart Tears are powerful. They give us an outlet when we think we will burst with pain, hurt, betrayal, loneliness, loss, or disappointment. The tears of sorrow and heartbreak matter intimately to the heart of God. You have kept track of my every toss and turn through …

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You Want Me to do What? – Part 1 of 2

In 2003, my husband and I moved from California to North Carolina. I left my family and moved thousands of miles away to a state where I knew no family. Shortly after our move, I missed them deeply and wanted to go home. Standing on the promise in Psalm 37:4, …

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Total Surrender

The interesting thing is that in the moment of a trial, if I can acknowledge in my heart that, “it is God and it is good,” that thought alone turns my focus back to God and it calms my soul. This does not take away the pain or other strong emotions involved, but it does take away the power I may give to the circumstance.